BPM Financial takes pleasure in introducing our range of investment products to you. These investment products can be very beneficial and will help you save towards your personal goals.

We specialize in investment products such as the following:

BPM's 100% Fixed Income Portfolio
Fixed Icome Portfolio

A bond portfolio comprising mainly of G.O.J bonds that yields steady returns.

  • Attractive rates, that are higher than bank rates.


BPM's 100% Equity Portfolio

Designed for the long-term investor. This investment provides a good hedge against inflation.

  • Comprised of Blue Chip Stock.
  • Excellent performance results over time.


BPM's Balanced Portfolio

Balance your portfolio and let diversification work for you.

  • Comprised of 50% equity and 50% fixed income.
  • Provides excellent returns and outstanding performance.


BPM's Pension Fund Management.

Many organizations provide pensions for staff. Let us maximize your investment returns.

  • We develop investment portfolios suited to the needs of each fund.
  • Trustees are involved in decision-making.
  • Monthly reports done and regular meetings held.


BPM's US Dollar Maximizer Account

Invest regular amounts consistently. A little goes a long way!

  • Higher interest than bank savings accounts
  • Secured by Government Instruments


BPM's Nest Egg Investors Account.

Use time as your ally and the power of compounding to help your “Nest Egg” investment grow tax-free.

  • A Nest Egg Account is an excellent way for individuals to invest small sums regularly in a tax-free investment.
  • Interest is paid tax-free if principal is invested for 5 years.
Christmas Club

Our annual Christmas Club Portfolio operates similarly to a company's thrift club. It allows members of staff to save affordable amounts towards their Christmas goals.

  • Higher interest rates than savings accounts at commercial banks.
  • Funds are invested in Government Securities.
  • Option to borrow against the account during the year.
  • Withdrawals in December.
  • Option to move into other investments at the end of the year.
Savings Club

This is a smart way of saving consistently towards your personal short to medium term goals by using manageable monthly amounts.

  • It's an excellent "build-up" account that allows you to move into investments with higher rates of return.
  • Higher interest rates than savings accounts at commercial banks.
  • Funds are invested in Government Paper Securities.

Did You Know ?

The Wealth Formula:

Make more than you spend and invest the difference wisely.

Add time to that equation and that is how you build wealth.